WordPress CMS Website or HTML Website for a Business Website ?


So you have recently started a new business, and now the next best step seems to be launching your business website, but not sure where to get started? Well, reading this may help you to a large extent. There has been an ongoing discussion on the advantages of using WordPress over static HTML site. If you are also confused about which one is better, then read along as we are going to compare WordPress and HTML and find out which one is better.


WordPress is a content management system which allows you to manage your website with a user-friendly interface. You can make changes in your website from admin area that is easy to understand even for engineers. While there are various CMS available, WordPress is the most popular in them as almost 26% of the websites.


  • Easy update- You can add new pages on your own without any help from the developer. All you need to do is log in your WordPress site and add new pages. Due to its easy user interface, you can create or update pages on your own.
  • Professional templates- A wide variety of ready-made templates developed by professionals is available for you on your site.
  • Very Powerful – A WordPress site can be extended with plugins easily. You can add functionality like adding a contact form, photo gallery, etc. to your site by installing plugins.
  • Complete ownership and control – You will get complete control of your website, its content and domain name. You can change anything you want and the growth of your site in terms of sales, users, traffic, popularity has no limits.


  • Learning Curve –  Although, WordPress can be used easily, it takes time for beginners to understand the software.
  • Maintenance – You will be responsible for keeping everything up to date. WordPress hosting service can help you with this.

Static HTML

HTML is a markup language used for displaying pages online. Most of the websites use HTML to create web pages. You need a web developer to create an HTML website that uses HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. to build your website. HTML websites keep all your content stored in static files.


  • Almost no maintenance- Once your site is live, you won’t need to install any update or backup it regularly.
  • Low Requirements – HTML websites run on low resources and don’t require servers with MySQL or PHP in them.


  • No Updates – You need a developer for any change you want like adding a new page, updating content.
  • No Additional Feature – You will have to hire a developer to make any additions like a gallery, survey, etc.
  • Costs – Cost is comparatively higher than a WordPress site considering that you need a developer even for small tasks.

Final Verdict: WordPress or HTML?

If you are sure that you will never need any update or change, then HTML website will be the best option for you. It will be faster. But if you want to control your website for future changes and want to avoid spending money on web designers for every small change, then WordPress is the best choice!